Dear Nannie

Your anniversary of your death is coming up in a few days and I had a dream last night that mom and I were talking and all of a sudden she was wandering where you went and she got worried and all of a sudden I saw you standing looking at me from a distance.

Your glasses were those glasses with the super thick lenses, I don’t think you ever had thick lenses, atleast not like those ones. Anyways, I ran up to you and ran into your arms and you said to me ” I miss you sending Christmas cards ” or cards in general and I started bawling my eyes out.

After that happened, my dream shifted to some random part about my old friend holding a random baby.

Anyways, what I’m trying to say is that I know I always took your cards for granted. All of those cards you wrote me with extra pieces of paper with long letters inside of the already filled cards with writing. I didn’t appreciate the small things.

When you passed away, I told mom that I didn’t spend enough time with you and she told me that I needed to look at all the times I did spend with you.

I was with you at the hospital even when you were starting to forget people, and got mixed up. I will never forget you.

I did and do love you.

I was at the bus stop this morning and all of a sudden I started crying really hard. But only for maybe one minute. The bus came so I wiped my tears off and I’m writing this.

January 2011, the physical world lost you, but the spiritual world gained a soul they already knew they were going to have.

That dream felt way too real.

I miss you Nannie. I wish you saw me today. I love you

Never forgotten. 

Your grandson,


PS. I was your granddaughter until a few years after your passing. You wouldn’t have known and sometimes I wish I could have told you more about my personal life that I was told not to tell you. But I’m being selfish.


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