Growing Nature

​Things I’ve learned to appreciate consist of:
My parents. Growing up, I was really cruel towards them. To the point where it wasn’t just general ” teen angst ” because it still lasted up until a few years ago. When I met my birth mother, she made me realize that I didn’t need blood, but that I’m also grateful for the bonds I’ve made with my birth siblings. I’ve come a long way as to how I treat my family now 
Nature: I used to love playing outside as a kid. I had the experience of being on a farm. I didn’t grow up on a farm, but my uncle was a farmer. I loved visiting the animals, playing in the fields, jumping on hay barrels. I somehow lost my interest in being outside and missed out on a lot. Now I go outside more and I take pictures and also just sit and let my thoughts flow into the riverbanks and float away. It’s amazing what you learn to appreciate when you see things you’ve seen for years in a different light.
My friends. I don’t have many in person, but I also count people I know online as my friends. I’ve created strong bonds with some, and some not as strong, but I’m treating quite a few of them better. I’m more patient than I used to be and I apologize for things when I’m at fault. I try to see things on their side and not just mine. 
It’s so easy to let sadness consume you and so easy to forget what’s around you. All I wish for people is that their worries and obstacles become less stressful and easier.


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