Mountain Eyes.

I remember running so fast across the road, even though I was running the risk of being hit by an incredible force.

I think I was in BC, I didn’t see enough of it, but those mountains I saw before we stopped, should have been a sign for me to just remain there and not jump back on the bus to visit you.

If I could go back, I’d have just remained in the tears that were brought to the corner of my eyelids and the breath being pushed out of my lungs everytime I saw the beauty in that place and not have bothered to move.

Years later, I still wish things were different just so you’d be nice, so that you could be healed. But sometimes some things don’t work out that way.

You are just someone I could have known, saw for a while, but didn’t really come to know you.

I’m glad that’s all you are now. 


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