Cloned Mist

We both know you kept me around because I was both what you wanted and what you didn’t need

I wasn’t stupid, but me sticking around hoping you’d have changed was

That’s the thing with manipulatives, they’re the human equivalent of leaches cloning through the mist

You notice the fog after a few minutes, but they latch onto you every time you change directions

Leaping to their knees, begging to suck the blood from your knees
And make you collapse to the floor of their plans

You’re their map, and they’ve traced every step you’ve taken and moulded your brain into a structure they’ll eventually get bored of, but they know which pens to poke you with

The signs are waving now, and their air is flashing greens towards the back of you
You want to run but you know that they’d think you were scared of them, so you walk around their obstacles and you start growing moss with your own plantation


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