Thin Intentions

I was asked to talk through thin whispers
but I only knew how to scream without vocal chords
and I was asked to see through someone
but I only knew how to look without insight

I had longings but people chopped them down
to being too needy
instead of asking me why I was so hung up on
being stuck up with the wrong crowd
with right intentions
but bad timing

I had no idea back then, why I had to fake cry
along the walls of the playground
but I could pull myself up on the bars and scold the sky for being
too far up and cry to the ground because it was harsh
against my jumping bones

I was asked why I was so stupid
for having to count amongst my fingers instead of
punching numbers
crunching onto the calculators
provided, when mine was in my head
jumbling like a word scramble
but with different outcomes everytime

I had no idea that I’d step foot into the future
that I have now
but I also didn’t think I’d stay in one place for
long enough to kill the past with matches that were only set fire to
by my tears


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