Buried Frost

I’m falling through the roof of my mouth
thoughts are climbing into the corners, folds of the great sky

I’m wondering when your eyes are going to wake up and water my mind
instead of breaking the glass around my heart

You said love wasn’t the only thing you wanted, you needed to destroy any chance you had with my wandering hand

I said I wasn’t okay with being a side car to your vehicle because I’m already inhabiting my own vessel, but my wheels are too tight to give into your traction

Where were you when I was drowning underneath your breath? You found it hilarious when my tears turned to ice

You fantasized of a new shade of winter to bury itself within my skin so that you had someone to relate to instead of the icicles swinging from the outside of your fingers

Jokes on you baby, I’m not you, I’m me with a frost bite you’ve never held against your own teeth


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